“Most women are unable to change their men – be it the way they dress, or their overall appearance…but I can,”

A butler/estate manager by profession, Paul has served millionaires around the world - both real ones and otherwise. Paul gained notoriety for his scene stealing role as "the Butler" in the reality television hit, "Joe Millionaire".

Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, after finishing school Paul joined the Australian Diplomatic Service. Soon after he joined the Australian Army but two years later returned to the Diplomatic Service and was soon posted to Ottawa Canada and over the next 20 plus years served in Yugoslavia, The Caribbean, Los Angeles (Australian Consul) and Argentina. Paul specialization was the management of Embassies and as Consul, caring for his fellow countrymen who were in need of assistance.

After finishing in the Diplomatic service, Paul became a recognized butler with the International Guild of Butlers and consequently studied at the New England Culinary Institute in Essex, Vermont. This was followed by a three months study tour of the wine fields of France, Australia and California. As a butler, Paul has worked in Aspen, Houston, London, New York City and The Bahamas.

Now he's the host of "Groomed" running the Gentleman’s Academy – teaching our subjects etiquette, grooming and good manners. Paul’s motto is “Life is his adventure” and he pursues it with relish!


“GROOMED isn’t just about a physical transformation, it’s also a love story. Our subject’s desire to transform himself for the woman in his life comes from the heart,”

Asha lives in Toronto with her husband and young son. Asha is a qualified lawyer, having practiced as a corporate commercial lawyer in both New York City and Toronto before responding to the call of the rose. Despite her formidable legal training, Asha has remained a romantic at heart and has always had an open ear for those with relationship woes.

She has a keen eye for fashion and styling and loves to shop! Having firmly pushed her navy blue suit to the back of the closet, she is now enjoying working at what she does best - connecting with people from all walks of life and helping them improve their style!

Asha is the female foil to Paul, representing the special lady in each episode as well as women viewers at home. Asha whips each subject into top romantic shape – coaching him in the many ways he can make the special woman in his life feel fabulous, from grand romantic gestures to everyday thoughtfulness.

Asha has a modern take on old-fashioned values of courteousness and attentiveness that inspire both men and women. Her goal is to rekindle even the most routine of relationships.

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