Trucker Love

Sam Yannacocous is a brash and ill mannered long haul truck driver. He spends more time on the road than he does at home. His wife Frieda has had enough. Sam knows itís time for a major overhaul. But can he turn his rig around Ö before thereís no turning back.

Sam loves being a Dad and a husband. But his truck stop manners and long trips from home have put a lot of miles between Sam and his family. He needs to put the breaks on and put his bad manners in reverseÖbefore he loses the people he loves.

Sam has wonderful qualities. And the qualities that Frieda fell in love with he still has. Heís good, heís kind, and heís generous. Heís a wonderful guy. But heís definitely a bad boy.

Samís forgotten his manners, how to care for his appearance and his hair style is practically frozen in time. And thereís Samís unique communication style which is colourful to say the least.

What Samís really forgotten over the years is his romantic touch.

Samís not big on cards, and Friedaís maybe had flowers once.

Because Samís on the road, when he does come home Ė itís become hard for him to think of anyone else. He comes in, drops his bags and heads straight for the bed or the sofa. He acts like a guest in his own family home. Sam needs to get off the couch and put some effort back into his family and marriage.

Samís next stop will be here at the Gentlemanís Academy. Iíve got 3 days to turn this road warrior into a real gentleman for his wife Freda.

Samís going to spend the next 72 hours learning how to dress and act like a proper gentleman. And heís going to have to face his biggest romantic challenge to date: putting his feelings for Freda into song.

But first, Iím going directly inside Samís world to tackle his bad manners at the source.

When Samís driving his large truck, people cut him off. Samís not courteous especially when he gets into rush-hour situations. He gets frustrated and just takes things into my own hands and bosses his way around on the highway and doesnít care what happens.

Paul takes him out and asks Sam to start trying to think about some sort of exercises he could do that would stop him from getting so frustrated. Perhaps some deep and heavy breathing? ďYeah, but Frieda doesnít like it.Ē

Meanwhile Asha, Paulís relationship associate, is also on a road trip. Sheís off to get the goods on Sam from his wife Frieda.

Ashaís finding out that Frieda has done all the planning for special occasions in the family Ė even for her own birthday! One year, she planned her birthday night out and it wasnít until half way through the evening that Sam realized what the night out was for!

A gentleman should work hard at remembering special occasions. And for the one he loves, it should be something unforgettable.

Paulís decided to take the bull by the horns Ė Sam is a road warrior Ė but to get him to become a gentleman, Paul has to try and help him change on his own turf. This is why they now going to a truck stop diner to try for some behaviour modification.

Every meal Ė no matter what kind it is Ė should be addressed the same way - with style, decorum, and respect. Respect to the other diners, respect to the service staff and respect for yourself.

Itís Ashaís turn to take Sam on a bit of detour. Ashaís taken Sam to task for his lack of appreciation of Frieda and they decide that a party for her completely arranged by Sam Ė by himself Ė would be a great way to celebrate his love for her.

So the first task for Sam in throwing a party is to make a guest list -- and also knowing how to extend a proper invitation.

And whatís a party without music? Only this time, Samís going to perform it.

Paulís taken this unromantic truck driver to singer songwriter Chris Casserly whoís going to help Sam finally put his feelings for Frieda into song.

Just how much can you rhyme with Frieda? Samís going to find out.

Samís struggling with the lyrics even with Chrisí help Ė and heís still got to come up with two verses on his own.

Samís next challenge is a slightly different kind of arrangement Ė a floral arrangement. The table settings are even going to have Samís touch to them Ė hmmÖ

Samís attempts at flower arranging have forced me to introduce him to a professional party planner Elizabeth Wanless, hopefully sheíll open his eyes to a range of colours other than tarmac black.

Samís going to need some new duds for the big event. But this fellow is more of a utility vehicle than luxury sedan and a fancy suit will look out of place. What Sam needs is something down to earth but still classic.

Flat pants are often more comfortable and slimming for the big man than the pleated variety. That's because they remove all of the excess fabric that's in the pleating.

Samís come a long way, but Iím not sure heís there yet. Heís still got to master the song, and those cloth swans wonít fold themselves.

Samís got one more night to get the lyrics down. Because tomorrow is opening night for Frieda. Let's hope that Sam picked and appropriate and elegant location.

Itís been a winding, uphill drive for truck driver Sam Yannacocous. And in a few hours heíll have to pull off the romantic event of his lifetime Ė a party, and song, for his wife Frieda.

Will Sam hit a brick wall or will he pull it off? And speaking of pulling things off, itís time to finally make Frieda happy and take off that nasty mullet.

Another special touch of Samís Ė heís sent a small present for Frieda that will give her a touch of what being on the road is like Ė a walkie-talkie?!.

The last time Frieda saw Sam he looked a little rough around the edges.

But after a 3 day service at the Gentlemanís Academy, Samís buffed up and ready to go.

Friedaís following Samís directions and even if it seems that sheís going to a diner Ė itís not! Like Sam, itís undergone a complete transformation.

And what a transformation!

But thatís not all. Samís going to publicly serenade her.

By Jove! I think itís worked. Friedaís looking overwhelmed, Carina Ė their daughterís crying and even Paul has a few damp spots in his eyes.

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