Lee Herriot

Lee Herriott is a 911 dispatcher who has absolutely no style, elegance or refinement. But he’s about to spend his honeymoon in France, and the alarm bells at the Gentleman’s Academy are ringing.

Lee is calm, collected and cool under fire. He lives life by the rules – his rules. But he is about to marry his fiancee of two years, Danielle, and it’s high time he smoothes out some of those rough edges.

Lee needs to soften up and learn the finer arts of gentlemanly behaviour. Starting with his lack of sophistication in the kitchen.

Lee’s manners are no better in public. He never pulls out chairs, and always takes the seat with the best view. So they usually eat at home, where Lee’s crude eating habits are turning Danielle off food.

And what about lee’s grooming skills?

Lee looks good in a uniform – but when it comes to civilian clothes, he is a walking wardrobe disaster. At home it’s dirty socks and sweat pants and on the road it’s muscle shirts and beaded necklaces, not to mention his wildlife motif.

Danielle complains that Lee speaks so loudly at home, she doesn’t even want to talk to him. “He even gives that dog’s orders!!” But behind Lee’s overbearing demeanour is a little pussycat, he just doesn’t know how to express his softer side.

If there was a rulebook for romance, Lee would be Casanova. But his fear of planning anything romantic on his own is putting their upcoming wedding and honeymoon plans in jeopardy. Planning the honeymoon is supposed to be his job and Danielle’s getting upset because it’s coming soon and he has yet to do it.

Lee is going to spend the next three days at the Gentleman’s Academy, transforming himself from a gruff and grubby fiancee without a clue, to an elegant gentleman with an exciting and romantic honeymoon plan.


Lee has to organize a honeymoon to the ‘CHIC’ capitol of the world – France, but he hasn’t got a clue where to start. Luckily for him, I do.

I’m taking lee to meet Diane Craig of Image International. Lee is going to get a complete style consult, starting from body shape and colour. If anyone can find the right fit for Lee, Diane can.

While Lee gets fitted for a new wardrobe, I’ve sent my associate Asha Daniere on a tailor made mission of her own: to find the measure of romance between Lee and his fiancée, Danielle.

Danielle’s chief concern: Lee’s lack of organization and bad manners are going to cost her her honeymoon. “The only French Lee knows are the swear words!!” It’s time for Asha to help Lee before his new wife ends up on her honeymoon alone. Together, I’m sure they’ll come up with something spectacular!

Asha’s got a great idea!!! “We can’t plan your honeymoon you’ve got to do that, but we can help you with a practice run. So what you are going to do is plan a French themed mini honeymoon, which is going to include a night out at a fabulous French restaurant, the menu of which you will totally have mastered so that you can order in French, but most importantly you will be able to communicate your feelings for Danielle – in French!”

Now that we have a plan, it’s time for me to get Lee’s language up to speed. The important thing is when you’re visiting a country, as a gentleman, you need to be able to speak the language, purely as a courtesy, so I’m taking lee back to school to meet Professeur Marlene Marwah for a crash course in French…Unfortunately his pronunciation leaves something to be desired, especially when it comes to those pesky French R’s.


I’ve got just two days left to turn Lee into a charming and sophisticated man of French manners in time for his all French honeymoon preview and he still hasn’t even booked a hotel room.

Lee’s biggest challenge will be mastering the art of dining en Francais, so I’m taking him for his second lesson with Professuer Marlene Marwah. Lee’s first task today will be to familiarize himself with the items on a French menu. Hmm…looks like Lee is going to be very hungry if he doesn’t get much better.

Asha gets the next crack at expanding lee’s taste buds. Let’s see if she can turn him onto to something other than processed cheese.

Perhaps Lee isn’t quite ready for France’s stronger cheese varieties. Luckily there are lots of milder French fromage.


Next on Lee’s itinerary is a suit fitting. But wardrobe consultant, Diane Craig is having a hard time finding the right fit for Lee’s body: his lengthy torso is making a three button suit look awkwardly long, and falling far too low on his hips, highlighting his short legs.

As awkward as the suit feels, lee is even more worried about fitting into the role of French paramour. Lee has always had a hard time expressing his emotions in English, let alone a foreign language…Tomorrow’s the big day: Will Lee be able to pull of his honeymoon preview? Je ne sais pas!!!1


Lee Herriott has spent 3 days boning up on his French, learning foreign cuisine and trying to dress the part of a French gentleman. He’s doing all of this to prove to his fiancée Danielle he is capable of planning their future honeymoon in France.

Now, for the moment Lee has been waiting for. Let’s hope Danielle likes his new look.

Lee Herriott has gone from colour clash casual to confident and classy. A new gentleman. “It was like a night and day difference. He looked very confident, that was the biggest thing I noticed before anything else.”

Now, the adventure begins. Lee is whisking Danielle on a romantic overnight trip to the French speaking city of Montreal.

Lee has arranged a cheese and wine snack for the train ride. Lucky for the rest of the passengers, he’s chosen a few of the milder varieties.

Looks like the wine and cheese worked like a charm. Let’s see what else Lee has cooked up.

For his honeymoon preview, Lee is taking Danielle right into the heart of old Montreal. With it’s European flare and 18th century architecture, it’s the perfect place to give Danielle a glimpse of their future honeymoon in France.

The best way to tour this part of the city is by horse and buggy – or caleche – as it is known in French.

Lee’s successful hotel reservation has landed them here – at the Hotel Place D’Armes, and the home of one of Montreal’s finest French restaurants – the Aix Cusine de Terroir.

Let’s hope Lee remembers the golden rule of French etiquette when it comes to restaurant seating…the lady gets the best seat.

Enough with the apperetif, it’s time for la piece de resistance – ordering from the French menu. Danielle’s impressed by Lee’s new found French skills.

But Lee isn’t quite off the hook yet. He still has to open up and express his feelings for Danielle – en Francais!!!

When lee first came to the gentleman’s academy his honeymoon was almost over before it began. Now, after a complete French immersion, Lee has found his inner ‘joie de vivre’. Oh, and remember ladies, you can’t change the man you love – but I can.

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