Frog to Prince

John Stievenart is about to marry the woman of his dreams.

But John is hopelessly unprepared. He canít dance, he doesnít have anything to wear and he still hasnít written his vows.

When John proposed to Hilary, he promised her it would be the best day of her life.

But with less than a week to go John starting to realize what thatís going to take. And panic is setting in.

John wants to polish all the rough edges before he says ďI doĒ and thatís going to take some radical change.

John needs a major style make over. Itís just 4 days to the wedding and John hasnít even rented a tux yet. Not that a rented tux will do.

And John has never successfully navigated a five-course dinner in his life. First course - -something simple Ė the soup.

Itís not looking good for the main course eitherÖ

Then thereís Johnís vows. Not only does he have to say them he has to write them as well. If he thinks writing his vows is a problem, wait till he takes off his sneakers and tries the waltz.

Johnís going to learn to romance, etiquette and good grooming in less than a week,

But first, this boy needs a good suit.

Weíve ordered the suit - that was the easy bit. Now we have to teach him to dance.

Beverley and Robert Tang are champion ballroom dancers. If anybody can help John they can. For the next two hours, John tries and tries and he tries again.

Johnís first dance lesson was very rough but I canít let him rest now as his voice coach is waiting.

Colin Taylor is an actor and stage director and Iíve asked him to help John write his vows and also get John over his shyness with public speaking. For Johnís first task he has to choose and remember a romantic poem for his vows JohnĎs first attempt is far from convincing.

Colinís got to loosen him up.

Itís proven to be a very tough day and Johnís got one more challenge to overcome before he can call it a night.

Iíve asked the chef to prepare a meal similar to Johnís wedding feast and weíll see how his table etiquette measures up.

Hmm, a bit better. But onto the next problem Ė how is Jean-Paulís suit going to fit?

This suit isnít fitting as well as Iíd hoped Ė thatís going to add time. We only have 2 days remaining for the magic to happen and the pressure is on.

Voice coach Colin Taylor has invited an audience to todayís session.

John will have to recite his poem in front of 30 complete strangers.

Johnís delivery still isnít perfect But he has bigger problems than his vows. Iíve called Beverley and Robert to the hotel for an emergency dance rehearsal.

Johnís practicing and practicing, and heís even using a special dance frame to help him, but heís losing his confidence.

Johnís struggles with the dance have brought him to a new low. Somehow heís got to get his confidence back and IĎve got an idea. John loves to drive so Iíve brought him to a racetrack where professional drivers are going to take him out for a spin in his dream carÖ a racing Porsche Carrera

If John can learn to handle a top of the line racing car, then dancing the waltz will feel like a walk in the park.

The big day has finally arrived and Itís all up to John now.

But first, John needs a good grooming to go with his new manners and outfit.

John certainly looks the part. But now the moment of truthÖ. Will Hilary like the transformation?

John looks terrific. But the hardest part is yet to come. Has John mastered the art of dining, manners and etiquette?

John tackled the five-course wedding feast with flying colours. But still, all eyes will be watching as John takes Hilary onto the dance floor.

John has done amazingly well. I think my work here is done.

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