Hello Gentleman,

Physical grooming is essential in the journey to becoming a proper gentleman. Most men believe that taking care of their faces and hair is quite enough but they often neglect two very important limbs that they use everyday, their hands!!! Men are infamous for abusing and ignoring their hands so I asked my good friend, Patricia Miller, to impart some of her wisdom on how to take proper care of them…it’s easier than you may think!

For Men…………….

A For the office or computer worker – dry hands is the usual complaint.

B For the industrial or production line worker – ingrained dirt or grease; especially around the nails.

C For mechanics, engineers and metal fabricators; we can add cuts and slivers of metal to the above.

D For truck drivers, outdoor workers, fishermen and the like; dry raw chapped hands are the most common.

In other words – men have some special needs when it comes to caring for their skin – especially their hands!

Tips for care of the hands.

1 Wash hands with a mild soap, use a nail brush and follow with a light moisturizing milk. If you work in a factory and liquid soap is available for grease removal – use this first, then follow with a regular mild soap wash.

2 Don’t over wash the hands in cold weather, the skin will dry out very quickly.

3 In cold weather it is best to wear gloves for protection when working outdoors.

4 Use a good Hand Treatment Cream (Patricia Miller Hand Treatment Cream from $14.00) at bedtime. The rich repair elements will restore and fortify the skin against further damage.

5 For the nails and cuticle surrounding the nail; try our special blend of Vitamins and essential oils (Nail and Cuticle Oil $10.00) to nourish and strengthen the tissues and nails. Don’t cut cuticles or clip nails very short at the side of the nails; makes for easy infections to appear.

For best results – give your hands a treatment at bedtime.
(Remember: Most restorative products are slow acting but give long lasting results.)

For more severe cases, a professional manicure/hand treatment that respects the organic approach can be a big help to the man who could use a bit of TLC to get started!

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