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"David Moxam"

Airs: Monday May 01 · 10:30pm
Tuesday May02 · 12:00pm
Friday May 05 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

David Moxam is about to get married to the woman of his dreams. But his atrocious table manners, total lack of personal hygiene, non-existent wardrobe and his love of passing wind are scaring off his future bride. Can I transform this smelly, ill mannered jokester into a proper gentleman in time to say ‘I do’?
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Previous Episodes

"Frog to Prince"

Saturday 21 January 2006 · 4:00pm
Sunday 22 January 2006 · 10:00pm
Monday 23 January 2006 · 10:30pm
Wednesday 25 January 2006 · 9:00pm
Friday 27 January 2006 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

John Steveniart is a great guy, but with his scruffy appearance and two left feet, will he be able to be transformed into the handsome prince charming of Hilary's dreams with only 3 days to go before the wedding?
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“Comfort Zone”

Saturday 21 January 2006 · 4:30pm
Sunday 22 January 2006 · 10:30pm
Monday 30 January 2006 · 10:30pm
Wednesday 1 February 2006 · 9:00pm
Friday 3 February 2006 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Andrew Bradbury wants to celebrate his Silver wedding anniversary to Linda with a dramatic re-proposal. However, Andrew’s got to face his fear of change, get out of his ho-hum rut, and re-ignite the romance. Can Paul and Asha turn this comfy cardigan into a dashing charmer?
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"Mike Bailey"

Monday 13 February 2006 · 10:30pm
Wednesday 15 February 2006 · 9:00pm
Friday 17 February 2006 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Mike Bailey is a working class sweetheart and a loving father, but his blue collared attitude combined with his resistance to try something new has put a serious crease in his relationship with his fiance, Anne Marie. Can Asha and Paul iron out Mike’s wrinkles in time? Or will Anne Marie get fed up and toss him in the hamper?
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"Doug Pye"

Airs: February 20 · 10:30pm
February 22 · 9:00pm
February 24 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Doug Pye is an average brut whose relationship with Tamara has been on ice since she moved here from England to be with him. Tamara complains that Doug is as frugal with his heart as he is with his cash and has told Doug that unless he adds some sparkle to their flat romance, she’s going to be on the next plane back home. It’s time for Doug to replace the beer and chicken wings with champagne and caviar for his lady love. Can Doug learn to pop the cork before he pops the question!!!
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"Calbert Humphrey"

Airs: February 27 · 10:30pm
March 1 · 9:00pm
March 3 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Calbert Humphrey is a no-nonsense kind of guy. A self-proclaimed workaholic, his relationship with his beautiful and fashionable girlfriend, Sunilda, has recently reached its plateau. If Calbert wants to keep the love of stylish Sunilda, he’s going to have to start mixing things up. It’s time to spice up the wardrobe, burn up the dance floor and melt her heart with some good old-fashioned romance. Does Calbert have what it takes to add some heat to this lukewarm romance? You’ll have to watch to find out!!!!
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"Sajeev Sharma"

Airs: March 6 · 10:30pm
March 8 · 9:00pm
March 10 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Visual artist, Sajeev Sharma, knows how to make a memorable entrance! He’s a flamboyant guy with more personality than even he knows what to do with. His demure and gentle wife, Sangeeta, finds his over-the-top attitude too showy and wishes that he could find a more intimate way to show that he cares. We think that their 10th wedding anniversary is the perfect place to put him to the test. Can our GROOMED team bring a little ZEN to Sajeev’s world before the big day and prove to him that sometimes, it’s the little things that count?
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"Casey Paolozzi"

Airs: March 13 · 10:30pm
March 15 · 9:00pm
March 17 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Casey Paolozzi is Groomed’s toughest subject yet!!! Despite his best intentions, Casey makes Cro-Magnon man look well kept! Raised in a family of mostly men, Casey is a gritty, grimy, grunting sheet metal worker whose idea of funny is passing gas at the dinner table. Lucy, who is not so easily amused, loves Casey dearly but insists she’s not marrying a man who hasn’t evolved past a Neanderthal. Casey is a great dad and has been a good partner to Lucy but if he can’t clean up his act, those wedding bells may never ring, Can Casey evolve millions of years in only three days at the GENTLEMEN’S ACADEMY? Only time will tell… More details

"Jamie Nye"

Airs: March 20 · 10:30pm
March 22 · 9:00pm
March 24 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Jamie Nye has been on a romance siesta for the past few years and his wife Ingrid has had enough!! Her birthday is coming up and she is ready to cut a rug, with or without her hubby. This week, we’re giving Jamie a lesson in romance from the culture that invented it! In only three days, can we transform this dud into the passionate, Latin lover that Ingrid desires? Stay tuned to find out…
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"Rey Morales"

Airs: March 27 · 10:30pm
March 29 · 9:00pm
March 31 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Rey Morales is a big hearted boxer who has settled down to domestic bliss with his sparring partner Kim. Despite his rough job, Rey is sensitive and passionate but has begun to let his gentlemanly behaviour and romantic maneouvers go down for the count. Can he get up from the mat in time to deliver romance for Kim before he’s declared ‘knocked out’?
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"Miguel Baptista"

Airs: April 3 · 10:30pm
April 5 · 9:00pm
April 7 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Miguel Baptista is a business student from the mean streets, who’s scruffy wardrobe and ungentlemanly manners are turning his relationship sour. Miguel wants to finally pop the question - but Mayra’s not quite sure Miguel is mature enough for such a huge step. Can I get this ruffian down to business so he can close the deal -- of his life?
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“Trucker Love”

Airs: April 10 · 10:30pm
April 12 · 9:00pm
April 14 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Sam Yannacacos is a outspoken, burly long haul truck driver who’s started to treat his house more like a truck stop than a home – including his wife Frieda. Paul and Asha have their work cut out for them as they try to turn his rig around and make him a “Gentleman Trucker”. More details

"Lee Herriot"

Airs: Monday, April 24 · 10:30pm
Tuesday, April 25 · 12:00pm
Friday, April 28 · 11:00am & 4:00pm

Lee Herriot is an intimidating 911 dispatcher who’s used to giving orders but his ordered world is turning into chaos. With a wedding and honeymoon in France on the way, Lee has done nothing to help. In addition, his awful table manners, unsophisticated palate and dreadful wardrobe are things that fiancé, Danielle, would like Lee to forget to pack for their trip. Can I turn lee into a sophisticated gentleman before danielle books a honeymoon for one?
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