Chubby Chaser is a one hour documentary film that questions North America’s perception of feminine beauty. It’s a charismatic story about sexual identity told by a man who is in love with the voluptuous female figure.  

Produced by Chaser Films and TV Ontario, this film follows Toronto filmmaker Jeff Sterne as he playfully examines the psychological and social influences that help determine what society thinks is sexy. In the past forty years having desires for the large sized female figure has made Jeff part of a minority group, associating him with a collection of average heterosexual guys who constantly feel ostracized by a world that’s obsessed with being thin.

This open and straightforward look into human sexuality is an engaging study on how we function in a society full of sexual imagery. It’s a documentary film that summarizes why North America prefers a specific idea of feminine beauty and what you should do when you’re left behind by the fashionable crowd.